Dan Baker is passionate about helping people, processes, and organizations perform at their best. Dan grew up in York, Pennsylvania, and he went on to earn a degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University. During his time at Cornell, Dan competed on the lightweight rowing team. His boat placed 2nd nationally and went on to compete in England’s Henley Royal Regatta.

After graduating, Dan moved to the Boston area and joined Stroud Consulting where he began helping companies from a variety of industries reach new levels of performance. Whether producing corrugated boxes, industrial belts, or chocolate bars, Dan found that game-changing improvements were achievable by working with client teams to abandon assumptions and challenge the status quo. Over the better part of a decade, Dan delivered savings in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

After Stroud, Dan joined MedTouch, a web strategy and technology partner to some of the best brands in healthcare. As the Senior Vice President of Operations, Dan’s goal was to ensure the business ran like a well-oiled machine, providing a platform for sustained, healthy growth. Dan was responsible for all business performance, administrative, and HR functions, and he helped MedTouch grow from 20 employees to over 100.

In 2017, Dan moved back to Pennsylvania, and, partnering with Penion, began a business search.

Dan lives in York with his wife, Annie, and two daughters.


Charlie Garrard was born in Italy and educated in the UK where he earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Newcastle University. For a short period of time after college he worked for General Motors in Australia.

In 1991 he joined Hagen & Co, a small consulting company in the UK as their fourth employee, where he gained a reputation for developing straightforward solutions to complex business problems. Five years later he moved to the USA to open Hagne's US operation.  In 2001 Charlie founded Stroud Consulting.. 

In 2009 Charlie sold his majority ownership stake in Stroud Consulting and founded Penion Group with the idea of acquiring small to midsize manufacturing companies in the New England Area. In November 2010 Penion Group made their first acquisition of a privately held manufacturing company based in Lynn, MA.

Charlie is married to Jeannie and has two children. In his free time he enjoys sailing and skiing.


Tim Wadlow combines technical expertise with broad business and interpersonal skills. After graduating with honors from Boston University's Engineering program he entered the world of operations consulting by joining Hagen & Co.

With Hagen & Co, and later Stroud Consulting, Tim worked with large clients in many different industries and in many locations around the world. Typical projects realized 10-30% operational improvement in only a few months and generated bottom line savings in the millions of dollars.  

Following his successful consulting career Tim co-founded Penion Group to leverage his consulting expertise and pursue his passion of owning and operating small to mid-size New England companies.

When not working Tim is a world-class athlete in the competitive sport of sailing. While at Boston University he was a three-time collegiate All-American and College Sailor of the Year. Tim represented the US at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games. At the 2008 Beijing Games he was selected to be the Captain of the US Olympic Sailing Team.

Tim, his wife Ery and two children live on Boston's Northshore.