Our target investments are not concentrated in any specific industry or sector. We will consider any acquisition if we believe that the product and business model can be successful and that we can add significant value to the company.


As a rule of thumb, we are looking for companies in the manufacturing, service, and logistics sectors. Our primary consideration is that the business model is grounded in common sense. The key drivers of success need to be well understood and not dependent upon technologies or concepts that are still waiting to break into the main stream.


We prefer smaller companies that have yet to achieve their potential. We do not have "hard and fast" rules, but as a guide we are looking for companies with revenues of $3M-$10M.


Great management teams will be the key to our long term success, but we also realize that many businesses have not had the time to focus on this aspect of business development. We are interested in businesses that have good management teams in place as well as those that provide an opportunity to develop a new management team.


We have a preference for entering markets with established competition where the business is not yet the dominant player.


A struggling business may not be the easiest business to sell, but we have significant experience of business turnaround situations, and we are willing to work with owners to structure a deal that allows them to benefit from the turnaround.


We are flexible in our approach to the transaction. Whether you are looking for capital to pursue growth opportunity, trying to realize some liquidity, or simply trying to spend fewer days at the office, we are willing to work with you to find a solution that meets all our needs.


Boston Area & South Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas