Penion Group was founded in 2008 as a private company that acquires and operates small to midsize businesses in the Northeast region.

In 2010 they made their first successful acquisition and have gone on to make a number of other acquisitions in the New England area.  In 2017 Dan Baker joined Penion Group to lead a search in South Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Our ideal companies are privately held manufacturing, service, or logistics companies with between $3M and $10M in revenue. We have a strong preference for established businesses with a proven track record whose owner is looking to retire.

We have owned and led our own businesses, and have over 60 years of general management, finance and operations experience with large and small businesses in both the USA and Europe. We put our personal capital to work and take a hands on role in the businesses that we buy. We are not a private equity fund or venture capital fund.   We strive to retain the identity of the companies we buy and be respectful of the employees and local community in which they operate.

We are flexible in our approach, and will work closely with the current owners to ensure they achieve an exit strategy that suits their personal needs.