Great employees are an invaluable asset to any company and we will continue to offer stability and opportunity to them after the transaction. Change is never a comfortable thing, but it is something that we are very familiar with handling. We will do our best to make this transition easy.


The partners of Penion Group have a strong record of developing outstanding teams. Together we will find ways to make you more effective, and build your value to the company. Learning from every interaction and finding ways to make us all better leaders is the key to our success.



Our past performance has demonstrated that we can create significant value for the companies that we own and manage. To the extent possible, we would like employees to take an equity stake in the business and benefit from our joint success.



Our goal is to create a management and leadership team that can continue the success of the company. We have no desire to flip the company for short-term profit, but instead plan to create a business that we can lead for the long-term.